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My Godzilla
Fan Art/Fanfiction

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Fan Art

Year of the Water Snake 2013!
Mendel/Yukiko Year of the Water Snake!
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Godzilla the series

  • "Miss Timmond's Version" by Evil Overlady - Nick and Audrey have a little conversation over dinner...
  •   Stuck on the Bumper by Evil Overlady - Ever wonder what would happen if Randy had the ability to make bumper stickers for H.E.A.T.? Collaboration with Vathara.
  •   Posted on the Monitor by Vathara - Little yellow notes. We see them on every episode. Don't you wonder what's on them?

Urban Legends by Vathara

  • Urban Legends - Alligators in the sewers? They should be so lucky... Crossover with Gargoyles
  • Night of the Tentacle - It's a bad night for everyone... especially the Weird Sisters.... Second in the Urban Legend series.
  • Bloodlines - Good intentions can have deadly results... Tag for Night of the Tentacle.
  • Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrong - Winter has a plan. Demona has a plan. Together they just might take over the world... Third in the Urban Legends series.
  • By Its Cover - Elsie's POV, in a bit of Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrong we didn't see.
  • Innocent Bystander - Dr. Daniel Jackson wanders off the beaten path and into one of H.E.A.T.'s typical days.
  • Site Omega: Aftermath - SG1 in the wake of Monster Wars... H.E.A.T. leaves a trail, if you know where to look. Comes before Innocent Bystander.
  • Picking Up the Pieces - Missing scene to Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrong just before HEAT gets back to Staten Island.

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